How Over-the-Phone Interpretation can be Used to Grow Your Business

Posted by Bobby Lahiere on Mar 15, 2018 11:00:00 AM

In this day and age, language barriers are easy to overcome with the proper resources, so there is just no need for them to be an issue.  Over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) service providers can be your resource for when you need to make a phone call with someone who speaks a different language.

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How to Develop Professional Website Translations in Wordpress

Posted by Bobby Lahiere on Feb 15, 2018 10:30:00 AM

Translating your own online content for new markets and audiences can be a chore. It’s tedious, time consuming and can cause you a lot of frustration. Throw in free services like Google Translate and you can turn a headache into a migraine.

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Translating Your Tenant Lease Can Prevent Misunderstandings & Build Better Relations

Posted by Bobby Lahiere on Feb 9, 2018 1:42:52 PM

Being a landlord isn’t the easiest job in the world. In addition to finding good tenants and keeping them happy, you also have to ensure the property is operated well and maintained in good order. With changing demographics and increasing diversity in both urban and rural areas of the United States, some of your new tenants are likely not to speak English well—or at all.

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5 Key Considerations for Effective Elearning Localization

Posted by Bobby Lahiere on Feb 2, 2018 10:05:00 AM

Do you create great training content for your employees and customers?

If you have a sizable population of learners whose native language is something other than English, you may be doing them a disservice by not providing translated versions.

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The Differences Between Using Telephonic Interpretation VS On-Site Interpretation

Posted by Bobby Lahiere on Jan 8, 2018 11:23:54 AM

The United States is as diverse as it has ever been, and the number of non-native English speakers in the country is now over 20% of the population. As business becomes increasingly competitive, it is more important than ever that companies connect with their clients and employees effectively in languages other than English (LOTE). Translating web sites and company marketing materials is important, but sometimes oral communication is required.

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Creating Accurately Translated Subtitles for Your Online Videos

Posted by Bobby Lahiere on Dec 19, 2017 8:00:00 AM

As videos become increasingly easy to make and share online, the number of people joining the ranks of video producers is going through the roof. Not only are individuals at home starting to host their own YouTube channels, businesses are realizing that they, too, can create a series of engaging promotional or instructional videos to reach a wider audience more quickly and economically. One tool that is often overlooked but can be extremely useful in helping businesses gain more traction is subtitles.

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Reaching International Customers with Quality Website Translations

Posted by SpokenHere on Dec 8, 2017 8:00:00 AM

With the Internet bringing everyone on the planet only seconds away from each other, the business world has naturally become more global in nature. Even brick-and-mortar companies that serve only local customers often use and sell products made in other countries. The more technically savvy a company is, the more likely it is to have international partners, locations, and customers.

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The Five Steps of High Quality E-Learning Translation

Posted by SpokenHere on Nov 29, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Any experienced translator knows that translation is more than just word-for-word substitution. The art of translation takes cultural knowledge, creativity, and aesthetics. If any one of these things is lacking, the final product just won't be the same as the original.

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9 Reasons NOT to Use Google for Website Translation

Posted by SpokenHere on Nov 28, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Google has become one of the more popular translation tools on the web. It has an easy to use interface and a well known brand name. However, Google definitely does not put its best resources on its free translation software. In fact, the tool is often faulty with poor translations and poor output. Here are 9 good reasons not to use Google Translate..

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National Hispanic Heritage Month

Posted by SpokenHere on Oct 13, 2017 9:25:16 AM


At SpokenHere, learning about different cultures and their languages is something we have the privilege of doing each and every day. Of course, helping our clients be understood is a job we take extremely seriously, but it is also something we are very passionate about. When we talk about the importance of partnering with a professional translation service, we often mention that there are many phrases, idioms, and jargon that just do not translate well from one language to another. In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we thought we would take the time to share some examples of Spanish phrases and words that do not translate well into English.

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