How to Develop Professional Website Translations in WordPress

Translating your own online content for new markets and audiences can be a chore. It’s tedious, time consuming and can cause you a lot of frustration. Throw in free services like Google Translate and you can turn a headache into a migraine.

If you have your own team of professional translators and techies in house to build an effective multilingual presence, then you’re part of a lucky few. However, for most companies and organizations with WordPress websites, translation plugins are the way to go.


SpokenHere is excited to offer a solution that makes the WordPress website translation process easy and delivers the accurate results you need. SpokenHere has teamed up with WPML to offer a seamless, affordable and — most importantly — dependable translation solution for websites hosted on WordPress.

In this free guide, you will learn w
hat the plugin is, the process for translating your WordPress website and how to get started.


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